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Eyelash Extension


As one of our most popular  procedures, this service has helped countless clients feel more confident and happier in their own skin. Our team works closely with each client to understand exactly what they’re looking for and ensure they get exactly those results. We don't use animal products and provide the silkiest, fluffiest and lightest extension that won't damage your natural eyelash. 



Eyelash Extension

From $40

To maintain your eyelash extensions and its optimal results, we recommend a touch- up session every 2 to 4 weeks. This ensures that your lashes are always fresh and full, leaving you to feel beautiful and confident. Don't be afraid to check out our prices and contact Vivre Co to book in a touch up session.

2 Wk Touch Up: $40

3 Wk Touch Up: $50

4 Wk Touch Up: $65



Eyelash Extension

From $15

 Vivre Co recommends never to pull or pick at your extensions. We use a cream remover to remove your eyelash extensions in an efficient and gentle manner. 

With new full classic set

Single service removal



She was really efficient with time for someone who picked it up in such little time!!! The quality of silk lash Nina uses is absolutely legit with nice curl to it. I'm really happy with her work!


I’ve recently gotten my lashes done and I love it! Nina is so accommodating, friendly and the whole experience was just absolutely fantastic! She makes sure you’re comfortable, the service is just amazing. Definitely recommend!